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Progesterone sensitive?Lockdown and managing menopause – interview with BBC Radio Sussex/Surrey.

Progesterone sensitivity? I for one, was not expecting this to happen to myself during lockdown. A trip to A&E with regards to my hormones!! It came all of a sudden and was a big shock which has really derailed me, physically and emotionally. After trying various forms of HRT, last year I was fitted with …

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Menopause, surely not me!

Hello, Let me introduce myself to you, I am a middle aged Mum of four children, happily married and living in East Sussex. If you had asked me 8 years ago that I would be blogging to you to highlight the menopause I would probably have dismissed it and laughed, “Not me!” Wrong! Upon reflection, …

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#Menovists – We need you!

The week that was Menopause talk. Were you able to watch #BBCMenopause? Louise Minchin at BBC Breakfast has opened the dialogue on National TV discussing Menopause, this will have a huge impact for many women’s lives whilst managing Menopause. The Mp Rachel Redditch discussed the word Menopause in the Houses of Parliament, so change is …

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Monumental – MenoMoment!

#Menomoment – clumsy & forgetful? So remember in my last blog, I mentioned how important self-care is? Mmmm, Guess what? Whilst in the process of taking my advice of self-care, I somehow inadvertently managed to have quite a nasty accident. Whilst packing for an impromptu holiday by the seaside in the UK.  One searched high …

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Menopause awareness month!!

Menopause is hitting the headlines once more and discussions are taking place, this is fantastic news!! However with many headlines regarding HRT shortages and last friday’s  Lancet report findings, this has now plunged menopause into a yet another hot debate and causing much confusion, anxiety and frustration for many women. At a time  for many …

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Menopause Friendly Tribe.

#UndoTheMenoTaboo What a year it has been for menopause! It was great to be a part of the summer menopause awareness that occurred through social media and national tv and press.  Perimenopause, early menopause, menopause and post menopause is now being discussed more openly.  Menopause within the workplace is now being taken seriously and women …

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