Monumental – MenoMoment!

#Menomoment – clumsy & forgetful?

So remember in my last blog, I mentioned how important self-care is?

Mmmm, Guess what?

Whilst in the process of taking my advice of self-care, I somehow inadvertently managed to have quite a nasty accident.

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Whilst packing for an impromptu holiday by the seaside in the UK.  One searched high and low for the UK holiday wardrobe staple, that is,  the uniform black swimming costume. For those chilly summer days when braving the cold water.  My haven, that is my uber comfortable bed is one of those ottoman styles, the type that helps you beat that storage solution, one of those beds that you can raise.

Found the swimsuit, all good to go!  However, this was not to be. The bed would not close flat, I had not laid the boxes flat.  The bed seemed high enough to move the box back to its place as the bed would not close down.  When an accident is about to occur, why does it always feel like slow motion? 

Just like that! As quickly as a puff of air, the bed immediately collapsed onto both of my wrists! Trapped to the bed, it was just like a scene from “some mothers do have em” or the expression “no one will hear you scream”

There was no one at home to hear my cry for help, the panic then set in.

I somehow managed to rip my sleeve, enabling myself to free one arm.

Great!  My watch had then become wedged between the bed frame and my wrist on my other trapped hand,  causing more pain and discomfort. I still do not understand at just how I managed to free both arms and to be able to do this, but somehow I did!! The power of a mighty meno!

I managed to gain all the strength I had,  I wedged my right foot in between the bed frame and lifted the frame with the now free arm.  It took me around two attempts and the panic had well and truly set in. I managed only just to free the trapped arm. I immediately went into a state of shock, I scrambled across the bed to the telephone and managed to call my husband to help me as soon as he could.

A quick phonecall to 111, who recommended a trip to A&E, I had no feeling what so ever in my hands I was then starting to worry.

The x-ray revealed no broken bones, just rest and review in 7 days.  The pain has been very intense at times a sort of extreme form of pins and needles in my hand.

Not the best start to a holiday! but my whoopsadaisy accident forced me to rest up! Hands are on the mend, thankfully.

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The coast with the most

Have you found or noticed during menopause you have become more clumsier, more accident-prone, falling over, forgetting things?

Do you feel at times during the stages of perimenopause and menopause that your equilibrium feels out of balance?

My current HRT has changed recently, I am definitely noticing a change of symptoms and behaviour that had disappeared and has now returned, kind of up and down just like the rollercoaster ride again. 

Just to add to all the madness to finish off the holiday and one’s brain!

I’m normally so super organised, packing for the whole family, this includes a final sweep of the accommodation in case those runaway socks or pants have dodged the suitcase. Though most importantly for those teenager earphones!

I still cannot believe it, now worried I am sounding a lot like Victor Meldrew!! Yes, I had managed to leave a whole drawer of MY items behind at our accommodation.  So very unlike me!

My holiday was a nice restful break, but strangely my injury had forced me to just stop and take life at a slower pace and it felt great!!! Our lives become so busy with running around ensuring that the list is all ticked, everybody is entertained and with the pressure of busy lifestyles.

Menos, an important message here, stay away from ottoman style beds and double-check your holiday accommodation!

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What another week is has been for Menopause!! Whilst relaxing the menopause alerts were pinging away, merrily. All the recent awareness of menopause and the use of HRT to treat women.  It seems there is now a shortage. How is this possible? Surely this cannot be correct? How do you feel about this Menos? How will this affect you? Is your Gp proactive and helping you to ensure you have a supply to help you through? Has it already been a battle and that you now feel cheated by the system? Will be interesting to see where this will lead us too with the current menopausal age of women.  I feel the power of women empowering one another, will help to raise awareness and bring the necessary change needed to ensure that all women receive the right to equal menopause treatment. 

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Have a super week menos, keep talking menopause.  Why not check out a fellow #Menopal #blogger, sending you a speedy get well wish.  Look out for some exciting PeriMenoPost news during the next week!!


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