No alarm bell to tell you perimenopause or menopause has arrived!

Why is there no alarm bell or no added peer pressure when perimenopause or menopause arrives?There is rather a lack of it?

Definitely no bells ringing, is this a good thing?

Think back to when you were constantly being asked by school friends “have you started your period yet”  That dreaded question, that you knew was coming. Maybe we do need a small reminder or that gentle nudge that perimenopause and menopause could soon be heading our way?

Would you like to have been more prepared and would you have appreciated some relevant information to help you for when the time comes? 

How is it so,  that all women at any age do not mention menopause? It’s quite remarkable that as women we go through our lives, living and dealing with periods and childbirth.  Why do we go silent when talking about menopause? It’s a bit like the childbirth myth, not spoken about until afterwards. 

Firstly, no one wants to admit that they are ageing or having symptoms, we are all guilty of that one! We do need to talk more openly about our feelings and to raise more awareness, no longer keeping menopause shrouded in taboo. It’s time to put menopause into a positive mindset for women, menopause should no longer be silenced or joked about.  It happens to all of us, we need to embrace and accept it.

It is partly due to awareness and a lack of education on the subject of menopause and perimenopause.  For a long while there has been very little available information out there for women until very recently.  Women are now asking more questions, leading the way forward and gaining the correct menopause treatment that they rightly deserve. Menopause campaigners, Diane Danzebrink, Dr Louise Newson, Meg Matthews, Liz Earle and Andrea Maclean have helped to raise menopause’s profile and this is helping to make a difference to many women’s lives.

As a society, everyone is living longer.   Menopause has suddenly exploded onto the horizon as more and more women are now working into an older age.  Whilst running a busy home, a career, children, uni-teenagers, empty nest, elderly parents and life is busy, it’s fast paced and at times overwhelming with stress.  No wonder women are asking more questions and in need of help and support. 

Why not make this week a positive start and talk to friends, family members, colleagues about menopause.  Start asking questions and see what response you have? You could be surprised and also be relieved that you all could be feeling the same way but just too embarrassed to mention.  Give it a try!!!

A group of women who are shouting the word menopause on social media at present are the pausitivity ladies, they’re currently running a fantastic awareness campaign on social media.  A poster/selfie campaign @Pausitvity it’s run by a group of 4 women – @yournewlifeplan @Karen_Kenning @Change_n_thrive @50Sense #KnowYourMenopause

These ladies are committed to helping spread the word “menopause” out there for everyone.  Their aim is to have a poster in every GP surgery. The poster outlines symptoms and gives some informative advice on what to do if you are experiencing symptoms. Why not take your selfie today, with a poster like we did (below) and join in the menopause conversation too!

Head to @pausitivity on Twitter and click to download for the poster, take your selfie holding the poster and simply ask to pin up at your local GP Surgery.

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Author Jane Lewis of  My Menopausal Vagina book, which highlights one of menopause’s taboo subjects Vaginal Atrophy.   She is raising awareness for an unmentioned and not discussed menopause symptom, Vaginal Atrophy or genitourinary symptoms of menopause.  Head to @mymenopausalvagina on twitter or then download your copy. Jane would like the leaflets to be featured in doctors surgeries, hospitals and care homes for elderly women to gain access. #vaginalatrophy campaign.

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This week we posted about an article from @mygenneve @jillangelo @RebeccaCaroe – founder of Faster Master Rowing. The article explains how rowing for women over the age of 40 is fast becoming a rapidly growing sport.   There are many health and wellbeing benefits for women to start rowing as a sport. Not only is it good for fitness and health, it is a great stress buster and a sociable sport that women can meet and make new friends. To read the full article head to twitter @mygenneve

It looks like a challenge may well have been set by ourselves, so watch this space! A gentle nudge and reminder to give rowing a try!

September is all about new beginnings and fresh starts what will you be deciding to do this September menos?

A new feature to our weekly blog, a real life Meno 60 seconds interview!!!!!

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Karen Lingard is a PeriMenoPost follower. 

Karen would like to share her story with you to help  other women by talking about the words “perimenopause and menopause”

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Karens real life menopause journey, told by Karen, herself.

My journey began a couple of years ago, I started to put on some weight and was then not able to lose it.  I noticed I was sweating more, than the usual. I never thought this had anything to do with menopause, I still felt  far too young. I am 51 years old now, I feel that this age is a blessing. I began to hide my age and I didn’t really want to admit to getting older. Last year I started to feel that something was not right, upon the left side of my tummy, a slight swelling appeared.  I was also experiencing really bad acid reflux which was making me feel quite nauseous a lot of the time.

I was always tired, with no energy.   I knew something was wrong but didn’t know what it could be.  I kept visiting my Doctor but they insisted it was acid reflux.   A blood test revealed that I was anaemic due to the heavy periods I had endured. Having had a colonoscopy and endoscopy, I still felt unwell.   My lower back and my joints were burning and were very painful, my Doctor sent me to have x rays and ct scans, just to be sure that there was nothing sinister happening. During this point, I became quite anxious I became convinced that it was something sinister as I knew my own body. I was given anxiety tablets from my doctor.  I had never experienced anxiety before, I had never suffered with stress. I just knew there was something more. 

I could not eat fatty foods, this would make me feel sick, my joints became painful and with a burning sensation.  It was affecting my quality of life, work and my family life. I decided to pay privately for more scans and tests. My results showed that I was suffering from endometriosis and that I was in fact perimenopausal.  Once treated for endometriosis, I began my own research of how to manage perimenopause. After reading Meg Matthews website, it seemed to mirror my own personal experience. During those four months, I had a feeling that I was going mad. I laugh now with friends about my A&E trips as I genuinely believed something was seriously wrong with me. I’m usually a rational person, but it seemed to take over my life. I manage my symptoms with taking regular vitamins to help,  such as 3000mg of evening primrose per day, magnesium, cod liver oil, vitamins, vitamin D and calcium. Eating a healthy diet helps, ensuring that I eat all the right foods. I manage my symptoms with plenty of regular exercise and looking after my health and well being.  

A big thank you to Karen Lingard, for sharing her personal journey of endometriosis and perimenopause.   We can relate with Karen’s story with many doctor trips, A&E and interestingly diet too was a factor. If you are experiencing symptoms, NICE guidelines online gives a guide on menopause to help you.

PeriMenoPost will now be featuring every week within our blog a real life interview with one of our cherished followers.  A bit of fun, embracing and accepting a positive attitude towards menopause and spreading the word that it’s ok and normal to discuss menopause.


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PeriMenoPost 60 Second interview with real life


1) Best Part of menopause?

    Able to understand, talk and accept my coming to terms with menopause.

2) Tell us your best #Menomoment?

My funniest  #Menomoment, upon reflection and which I now laugh about has to be the trips to A&E .  Friends joke, telling me that I am barred from A&E!

3) What has been the worst part of your menopause?

The bloating and change to my body.

4) Have you taken the NHS or Private Health route to treat your menopause?

Initially self funding privately,  I am now treated within NHS.

5) Have you been supported within your workplace?


6) HRT or natural/alternative treatment for Menopause?


7) What advice would you give to a younger you,  prior to Perimenopause and Menopause?

Information and awareness would have helped me during this time, as I felt I was in the dark.

8) Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Same, I’m now in a much happier, healthier place.

9) Who would you like to give a shout out – a mention too? Who has been supportive and instrumental in helping you through menopause?

Finding Meg Matthews website, –  I stumbled upon her Instagram page. Bupa healthcare were very helpful. 

10)Who is your favourite #Menowarrior?

Meg Matthews 

Created by PeriMenoPost

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This past week at the PeriMenoPost home has been through more change, no 2 daughter has now moved into a flat with no1 daughter.  No 3 son has just had his first festival!!! Hand is on the mend too!

Looking forward to hearing all their news, oh how to be young again!!

As always Menos, have a super week and wishing you all a fabUlous bank holiday weekend!!

Enjoy the sunshine.

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