#WorldMentalHealthDay 2020 Menopause Survival Guide

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The past week and during the weekend has raised more awareness for #WorldMentalHealthDay2020. A much needed conversation to take place and creating a presence within social media. Opening up discussions to ensure that we are talking about our mental health needs how important our mental health and how to support one another during these times.

This year our mental health has been affected in many ways; from the lack of human connection, missing everyday conversations, our worries for the future, our survival, wellbeing and health concerns for our families and friends.

Many women have also experienced an increase of their menopause symptoms. The added stress and anxieties can also affect your symptoms on top of this already incredibly stressful time.

The lowering levels of oestrogen during the stages of perimenopause/menopause can result in feelings of;

  • low moods.
  • sudden rage.
  • fatigue.
  • overwhelm.
  • anxiety.
  • palpitations.

Try to grab some fresh air each day, take a scenic walk in nature and plug yourselves into an empowering or calming podcast. Lose yourself in nature, focus on breathing and create some time for you to practice self care and to ease your mind. Seek medical expert help if you are experiencing serious symptoms and talk to a good friend, your partner or a helpline dedicated to helping mental health.

We are pleased to feature Ros Thompson, https://remediesbyros.com/ A Bach Flower Practitioner, Reflexologist and Reiki Master.

A previous PeriMenoPost Podcast guest. Ros has kindly written an article to share with you meno’s, here inside this week’s blog.

PeriMenoPost would like to endorse Ros Thompson’s remedies, tried and tested!!!!!

They really do help!!!

I found my remedy particularly helpful whilst avoiding HRT during Covid-19. Ros provides a 1:1 consultation with you and prepares a bespoke remedy just for you, to help you with your exact needs!

All sent to you in the post and you also receive a follow up call.

A dedicated and fantastic service!!

Ros has explained the specific flowers and how they can help you with emotions and symptoms during the rocky rollercoaster ride of all stages of menopause. Ros shares her own journey and has great advice and wisdom to offer to you. Enjoy, Meno’s!!!

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Bach Flower Remedies and the Menopause – how they can help!

I am a Bach Flower Practitioner – for those of you who are unaware of these remedies – you may have heard of Rescue Remedy, this is frequently used for shock and trauma and widely available on the high street, the little known fact is that there are another 38 remedies all of which can help to relieve the negative emotions and feelings that we feel throughout our lifes

Covid 19 and the lockdown brought a shortage of HRT products that were available to those women who were in a lot ways totally dependent on them just to get through the day.  Through the networking that I did back at the beginning of lockdown I discovered how many there were problems with menopausal symptoms and also how many women were looking to find alternative ways of dealing with this natural phenomenon.

I personally experienced the menopause at 33 (30 years ago) after many years of ovarian cysts and emergency surgery for the cysts that had burst.  At the time little was known about alternative treatments and I was supplied with HRT as a matter of course, I didn’t even question it. I have to say I felt amazing and 100% better.  However, 6 months later following a check up it was found that I had the developed breast lumps and sadly breast cancer as well.  Off the HRT I came and down the slippery slope I went.  Cut a long story very short – I came through and was fine but sadly am now suffering from osteopenia as a result of poor bone density and lack of advice and information. 

The feelings and experiences of women vary dramatically but within this article I am going to be giving a generalised overview of the remedies that I would recommend to help you through – naturally totally dependent on your personal feelings and situation.  Also, some general suggestions as to what you can do to help yourself and things to ask your GP.

First and foremost if you are looking to avoid HRT I would suggest you look at the supplements that are important to you, Black Cohosh is renowned for helping with hot flushes but give it time to work.  One month will not be sufficient.  Find yourself a good supply of Fish Oil – either through a diet of oily fish 9 at least 3 portions per week, or through supplement – linseed can also help as well.  Look at your levels of Vitamin D as well as these can help hugely with bone density but take advice from your GP as well to avoid other complications.

Relating to your emotions the remedies I have to offer are as follows: –

Walnut – is our key remedy to help with your way through the menopausal time, this remedy will help protect you from the emotional feelings that this period produces, it is a great leveller and will protect your emotions from outside influences.

Impatiens – very often the menopause can cause huge frustration and irritation within you – little things created within the family home can become mountains and result in major upset – Impatiens will free you from this.

Holly – the anger that can often occur and results from menopausal symptoms – holly will allow you to maintain a calm and peaceful attitude and generally feel much better about all going on around you.

Star of Bethlehem – this is a remedy for shock or trauma and is very useful where the menopause is early in life and for some women it can leave them feeling devastated and this beautiful remedy can just simply restore your sense of calm.

Mimulus – fear of the known – this may seem odd but if you are struggling to come to terms with your diagnosis, some women actually resent it and they are frightened as it signals to them old age and they find this very difficult to manage. Here Mimulus is a hugely beneficial remedy – to help you find the courage to move forward and face this new phase in your life.

Larch – a remedy for confidence – some women find that this time reduces them to complete emotional wrecks, this beautiful remedy is there for you to restore your self esteem and allow you accept the fact that you can do all that you need and want to do.

The above is just a brief summary of some of the remedies that are key for your possible symptoms – there are 38 in total and amongst them I am sure we can find something to make your life better – one step at a time.


FB Ros Thompson Bach Flower Practitioner.


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PERIMENOPOST PODCASTS SEASON 1 & SEASON 2 https://anchor.fm/perimenopost

You can listen our recent podcast with Ros Thompson – season 2 episode 5.

We discuss the powerful benefits of Bach flower remedies. Her personal journey of menopause and surgery for a hysterectomy, whilst running a home with small children and building her corporate career.

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MZ- Michelle Zelli https://michellezelli.com/

In our latest podcast I talk with the fabulous Michelle Zelli, a PeriMenoPost Member, a well renowned London life coach. Packing a punch with her inspiration, wisdom, intuition and her personal menopause journey. Offering her top tips and motivation for helping you through perimenopause and menopause. Grab your earphones Menos!

You can listen right here to all PeriMenoPost Podcasts!

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PeriMenoPost Podcast – Season 2 Episode 10 -Julie Conlan, Founder Secret Whispers – Kegels kit.-PeriMenoPost

PeriMenoPost is talking to Julie Conlan, Founder of multi award winning Secret Whispers – kegel kit. A PeriMenoPost Member and fellow #SBS Winner.  Join us as discuss all things pelvic floor and how important it is to connect with your pelvic floor before menopause arrives. Julie was horrified to learn that women are led to believe it is “normal” to cross their legs when they laugh or sneeze.  That urine incontinence after childbirth is almost expected is challenging the message of multi-national companies, profiting from the sale of incontinence pads, that bladder weakness is normal. Dedicated and a passionate to dramatically reduce the current statistics of 50% of women who suffer from incontinence with providing education and support on the importance of Kegel exercises. Secret Whispers is a women’s healthcare company and has been named top 100 trail blazing small business in UK Winner and was invited to the House of Lords!  Julie is also a keen supporter of the charity Sling the Mesh and proceeds from the sale of the Kegel kits go to the charity to help women who are experiencing pain and incontinence support. To order your very own set of Kegels, PeriMenoPost followers can use a discount code – PERIMENOPOST12  Use the code when ordering to receive a 12% discount code. As we enter another lockdown, take some time for yourself and unwind.  Discover more about pelvic floor health and join in our conversation to #UndoTheMenoTaboo If you would like to contact Julie you can reach her at the following links or via PeriMenoPost.com  https://www.facebook.com/SecretWhispersUK/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/PelvicFloorAndCoreHealthWithSecretWhispers/ https://www.instagram.com/secretwhispersuk/ www.secretwhispers.co.uk [email protected] Player00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

Playlist: PeriMenoPost

Select an episode to play it in the audio player.

  1. PeriMenoPost Podcast – Season 2 Episode 10 -Julie Conlan, Founder Secret Whispers – Kegels kit.
  2. PeriMenoPost Podcasts – Season 2 – Episode 9. Fiona Catchpole, Founder The Menopause Directory & #AskCyberGran
  3. PeriMenoPost Podcast – Season 2 Episode 8 – Amanda Thebe, Fitness Trainer, Blogger and Author Menopocalypse – FitnChips.com
  4. PeriMenoPost Podcasts – S2 Ep 7 Sara Witter, Counsellor & Psychotherapist – @counselling_heart_and_soul – Early menopause
  5. PeriMenoPost Podcast – Season 2 Episode 6 – Michelle Zelli – Coach

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PeriMenopost launched 2020 Menopause Survival Guide with PeriMenoPost Member – Michelle Zelli over at the gram.

An evening of cocktails, kombucha’s and conversations surrounding Menopause. The importance of acceptance, wisdom and the power of the sentence NO!

How important self-care is during the changes that occur during these hormonal changes. We discussed the changes before and after puberty, after childbirth. The stage of a woman’s life of perimenopause and menopause, that it is a time of discovery and how to power your way through!

Michelle shared her own personal experience of the rocky rollercoaster ride of menopause. How she coped, full of all her top tips and advice.

Explaining that this stage of life is the most exciting adventure and how to own it!

We will be running a series of 2020 MENOPAUSE SURVIVAL GUIDES from now until the end of 2020. Sharing our tips and advice to help you survive the rest of this year with your mind and body in a stronger way of coping and helping you to surviveCatch up – 2020 MENOPAUSE SURIVIVAL GUIDE WITH PERIMENOPOST AND MICHELLE ZELLI IGTV /YOUTUBE Add block

HRT – all you need to know Wednesday 14th Oct 1pm Instagram LIVE – Join us!

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Mr Vikram Talauliker – Reproduction Medicine Specialist & Menopause Specialist. https://www.menopausecliniclondon.co.uk/

PeriMenoPost recently held an Instagram LIVE with our PMP business club Member; Mr Vikram Talauliker, Menopause Clinic, London.

Mr Vikram Talauliker explained the symptoms of perimenopause. The varying length of time it can take for some women, from the stages of perimenopause to entering into menopause.

Emphasising that you need to assess your quality of life and how important your needs are, all to be taken into consideration prior to taking HRT.

We also discussed early menopause and taking HRT treatment is safe to do so for an early menopause, the health benefits ensure you are giving your body the best treatment possible.

Helpful advice of how to gain a referral from your GP to ask to see a menopause specialist.

As a menopause specialist and certified trainer Mr Vikram Talaulikar explained how at this current time the British Menopause Society are making the necessary changes needed for GP’s to help women with menopause. This is much welcomed news and provides assurance that menopause is being given the attention it is currently in need of.

We touched on different forms of the forms of HRT, we will be discussing this in more depth at our next upcoming LIVE. The first of may LIVES with Menopause Clinic, London.

We will be LIVE at the gram on Wednesday 14th October 2020 at 1pm talking with Mr Vikram Talauliker, of Menopause Clinic, London.

Join us!

You can ask your HRT related questions and we will answer your questions to help you.

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BRAND MONDAY -Meno’s our PeriMenoPost members are offering you the chance to try their fabulous products at a discounted price.

Sign up for free membership to gain your discounts today and receive free downloads and resource packs.

Visit our website and make your choices, remember to use CODES at check out! https://perimenopost.com/brands/

Are you a menopause brand or service helping women during the stages across menopause?

Join PeriMenoPost members club today and be a part of the tribe all helping and empowering women through menopause and beyond!

Contact [email protected] for more detailed information.

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Julie Conlan – Founder Secret Whispers Award winning business #dontforgetyourpelvicfloor https://www.secretwhispers.co.uk/

Welcome aboard to our newest PeriMenoPost Member.

Secret Whispers is a multi Award winning 6 step kegel kit.

Founder Julie Conlan, a busy mum, a fitness and health enthusiast who is passionate and determined to help women regain their pelvic floor health. #dontforgetyourpelvicfloor

Her mission is to reduce the current statistics of women who suffer from incontinence providing education and support.

We are looking forward to discovering more of Julie’s top tips and advice to share with our PeriMenoPost followers.

#PMPHour – your very own Twitter Hour dedicated to all stages of Menopause. Thursday evenings 6.30pm – come along and say hi!

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Every Thursday evening 6.30pm #PMPHour

Sunday 18th October 2020 will be #WorldMenopause day. There will be plenty of fabulous events including PeriMenoPost events all day over at Instagram. Keep posted of our events on PeriMenoPost social media posts, plenty of exciting talks and a new “service” launch for PeriMenoPost!!

If you would like to be a guest speaker within PeriMenoPost Podcasts, we would love to hear from you – please email [email protected]

Have a super week Meno’s, stay on track, stay calm and say NO!

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