#Menovists – We need you!

The week that was Menopause talk.

Were you able to watch #BBCMenopause?

Louise Minchin at BBC Breakfast has opened the dialogue on National TV discussing Menopause, this will have a huge impact for many women’s lives whilst managing Menopause. The Mp Rachel Redditch discussed the word Menopause in the Houses of Parliament, so change is starting to occur.  The word #Menovist has become a term now used for the growing number of women making a stand about Menopause to highlight awareness and the need for women to be able to make an informed choice for the treatment of Menopause.

Yesterday was MegsMenopause Conference 2019  PeriMenoPost was fortunate to go along and the spend the day at the event.  What a day it was!!

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#Menovist Meg Matthews

The day was planned to perfection,  the expert guest speakers included;

Meg Matthews, Dr Louise Newson, Dr Niamh O’Kennedy, Dr Larisa Corda, Dr Saadia Meyer, Alix Fox, Ane Auret, Jannette Ryan, Annabel Oakley-Watson, Dr Sarah Ball, James Dempsey, Hala El-Shaffe, Caroline Gaskin, Dr Ornella Cappelari and  Michelle Zelli. The message that was conveyed throughout the day was positive and valuable with information to empower women to use when asking for help, support and treatment from their doctors. Tips, and advice of how to manage symptoms.

Meg Matthews has created her own brand and a tribe of followers, Megs website was a lifesaver for myself and for many other women. I discovered the site and read through the helpful information and it helped to make me realise that I was in fact normal, that what was happening to my body was a natural part of a woman’s life.

Meg is a true Menovist, she has stood up and spoken out aloud about her experiences and she works tirelessly to ensure that menopause is accepted and understood, there is no stopping her. https://megsmenopause.com/

Liz Earle is also a Menovist,  she too advocates the importance of ensuring women are informed of knowledge of Menopause and treatments that are available to women. https://lizearlewellbeing.com/how-safe-and-helpful-is-hormone-replacement-therapy/

Dr Louise Newson is a Gp and runs her own Menopause Clinic, she is leading the way with her clinic and the treating of women and Menopause.  We need more GP’s like Louise up and down the country to help women with their journey of the Menopause, Louise wants to ensure that every woman receives the right care they so rightly deserve.  https://www.menopausedoctor.co.uk/

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Diane Danzebrink is campaigning her petition to #makemenopausematter, she wants to ensure awareness with education in schools, workplace and training for GP’s to learn more about Menopause.  Diane rightly states it costs the NHS more money with the current system that is in place. If more education, training is implemented it would save the NHS money, women would then be treated with the correct care that they rightly deserve. Sign the petition today to help make this change happen for ourselves, our daughters, granddaughters and further generations.https://www.change.org/p/penny-mordaunt-mp-make-menopause-matter-in-healthcare-the-workplace-and-education-makemenopausematter

Andrea maclean another #Menovist in the public eye, Andrea has written her own account of her journey of Menopause in her book – Confessions of a Menopause.  To also raise awareness and help spread the Menopause word.https://www.thisgirlisonfire.co.uk/

Yesterday’s discussions provided a wealth of expertise from the guest speakers during Megs Menopause conference, they all had the same ethos that women should be able to make an informed choice regarding menopause treatment.   Women will be post menopause for a third of their lives, due to the fact that times have changed and as a society we are all living for longer. Women need to be able to have that quality of life to be able to enjoy life, have fun, and to be in the best possible health that they can be.


The more women that can become involved with helping this change and to spread the word would really help.

Everyone would benefit including ourselves, daughters, grand daughters, family members, friends, work colleagues and more generations to follow.

The menopause needs you!! Are you a Menovist, help to make a stand and make the change happen!

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Photo by Nina Uhlíková on Pexels.com



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