Stereotype of a Menopause Woman. It’s not always an older woman.

It has been a busy few weeks with the word ‘Menopause’. 

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All the Menoteers, Menovists are out there spreading the word for the younger generation of women to be made aware of what to expect when the menopause arrives. 

This week BBC Breakfast time will be making a big step forward by discussing on National TV all about Menopause.  #BBCMenopause Has the Taboo been broken, we think it has do you?

This is absolutely fantastic news for women and for men.  This will help people to learn and to understand as to what happens to women as they go through this stage of their lives.

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Let’s hope that the stereotype of a menopause woman changes after this week.  We know that as we grow older and we age, our hormones deplete and we know then at some point the Menopause will arrive.  We just brush it to the back of our minds and tell ourselves that we are not yet at that age. Everyone has that image in their mind of a menopausal woman, of what they look like and how old they are. 

But what happens if a young woman finds herself  in an Early Menopause. Someone who has not yet started a family,  has had an illness, cancer or POI (Premature Ovarian Insufficiency).  What about these women, will the stereotype of menopause change for these women after this weeks awareness.  Lets hope that #BBCMenopause changes this for these women , as it is already a tough taboo the menopause and even harder with having an early menopause.  It can be difficult to accept and to cope with, if there is no support and understanding. 

Women do not talk openly about women’s health issues.  Albeit pride, embarrassment or peer pressure. Women are afraid to talk about this, they’re just not spoken about.  You’re made to feel that there is something wrong with you, no one mentions menopause or any gynaecological related issue.  These taboos need to be broken down . We should all be able to talk freely and openly about our health, as during the Menopause big changes happen to our bodies that we need to be made aware of.  It is important that we know what to look out for, symptoms, help and support. 

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The Eve appeal has launched a campaign for the word ‘Vagina” to be normalised.  The campaign will help fund more research into the five cancers for women – Vulva, Womb, Ovarian, Cervical and Womb Cancer. 

This is why we need to be able to talk openly about women’s health, not to feel embarrassed or ashamed.  Lets help breakdown the taboo’s of Menopause and Vagina,




BBC Breakfast time #BBCMenopause

Have a great week Menos, keep talking.

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