Did you know Anxiety is a symptom of the Menopause?

No, nor did I. This one came as a bit of a shock!!

I’m not preaching that I’m a 100% confident person, but then is everybody that confident? Yes, I have experienced nerves just like you all and the whole population. Taking my Driving test, going to interviews, personal life events, even starting this blog! You can learn from them and cope with it as best as you can at that time.

But this symptom literally hit me like a bolt from the blue, it came with no warning and no trigger. At first, I thought I was having a stroke or a heart attack, the mind already going into overdrive! Thankfully, I now know this was not the case, it was just our old friend, anxiety.

It can come to strike, well for me, at any given moment. It then floors you at that time and leaves you feeling, a sense of panic and paralysis of one’s actions for that moment. I was fortunate that my Consultant explained that anxiety is a very common symptom during the menopause and if you were lucky to have not had this before, you may well experience at this stage of your life.

My equilibrium was really affected and I now can sympathise with people who suffer from anxiety on a daily basis. Seek medical help if you are feeling that you cannot cope and if this symptom is affecting your quality of life, there is help. @westkentmind @mindcharity @menopausesupport @menopause_doctor Or talk to your Gp.

For myself, I found if I counted to ten immediately and took deep breaths it helped to ease the feeling. I gave myself a mantra too, some positive self-talk! “you can do this – it will all be ok, it will go as soon as it came” Give it a try ! it works for me.

Self-care is important and support around you is vital, surround yourself with kind, fun people who have your best interest at heart. Call a friend, go for a walk, find your happy place, exercise, lose yourself in a good book, maybe try a mindfulness class, a new hobby you are keen to try.

Shoutout to the women who fix another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked. @thegoodquote

Try to not think it too much, keep yourself busy and distracted. It is just what your body is going through and if you need some help, talk to someone and as they say, a problem shared is a problem halved

Let’s support one another, women to women, as we are all either going through or will be going through this stage of our lives at some point.

@megsmenopause website has a wealth of information detailing the menopause, I have found her site to be a personal lifesaver! I have attached a link to an article for you, for further reading about anxiety with the menopause. https://megsmenopause.com/2018/06/19/dealing-with-anxiety/

@sonyateclai Share with PeriMenoPost your stories or advice, the more we can share the better and support each other, have a great week!!

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