Another great week for Menopause

Great news this week for Menopause !!!

Menopause is to be introduced into Secondary School education.

Have you been wondering where our blog has been these past few weeks?

PeriMenoPost took a recent trip to New York, it was great to be back it had been 23 years since the last trip! So much life, the  hustle and bustle of New York, the humidity however was a challenge with menopause symptoms, jet lag and heat!

What a great week it was for Menopause! The fantastic Diane Danzebrink, Rachel Maclean MP and Doctor Louise Newson have had the support from Damian Hinds MP to introduce Menopause into secondary school education.  Menopause will now be included into childrens RSE lessons so that knowledge and awareness is discussed. This is a major step forward for menopause and for younger women and men too, this will really help all generations to now accept and understand what women go through,  as everyones menopause if different.

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Please support Diane’s campaign #MakeMenopauseMatter her next mission is to have menopause training for Gp’s and for menopause to be recognised within the workplace.

I would just like to say a big thank you to you all for following PeriMenoPost, it began as a result of my studies with Digital Mums to retrain my skillset.  I have successfully passed and am now a freelance Social Media Strategist. Thank you to all PeriMenoPost’s followers for all your support and engagement. I have thoroughly enjoyed running my campaign #UndoTheMenoTaboo and PeriMenoPost so much so that I shall continue to run with myself at the helm! Please join me and PeriMenoPost on the next part of the journey and let’s see where it will take us!

There is definitely more discussions and conversations taking place now and hopefully menopause has been accepted and normalised.

Have a great week Menos, what else will be in store for menopause news this coming week? 

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