Loneliness and Menopause

Have you found menopause to be a lonely time? Have you found it hard to connect, have you felt alone and isolated?

Have you found it difficult to talk to friends and family members about your feelings and symptoms?

We can definitely relate to those feelings, when going through the midst of the rollercoaster ride of hormones and emotions.  It is hard to verbalise and communicate with loved ones to tell them how you are feeling, when that menopause mood decides to turn up unexpectedly.  It is also not something that you want to freely admit too as it is seen by others as a negative and a taboo that is not discussed.

Thank goodness for social media and platforms actively encouraging and allowing women to discuss, share and offer advice to others.  Medical, health and wellbeing influencers are able to share their knowledge too which is great! This will help so many women to learn more about their feelings and how to manage menopause.  Doesn’t it feel good to know you’re not alone?

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It can be very isolating if you are having an early menopause as we are only too aware of.  You want the support and care from your loved ones and close friends but they do not know how best to support you.  Until recently there is was a lack of information and knowledge available for them to understand. #BBCMenopause and our campaign #UndoTheMenoTaboo hopefully has changed this there is much more information out there now for people to access.

You feel uncomfortable discussing your loneliness as menopause is seen as a taboo subject by many, it is extremely hard to raise during a conversation with friends.  They may not be experiencing menopause so they cannot relate to how you are feeling.

When feeling alone it creates a vicious cycle for family, friends and loved ones and yourself.   Friends, family and loved ones are not quite sure how to talk with you about menopause feelings and symptoms.   This then makes yourself to feel ignored and not being understood. You then distance yourself from friends, family as you feel different and not normal as you are the only person going through this on your own and you feel no one understands your feelings. 

To help you break this cycle of feeling lonely, why not join our conversation and follow PeriMenoPost to help you find other like minded Menos, for support, advice and friendship within a fun, safe and friendly community! Get on board! No one likes to feel left out and alone, so join our #MenoTribe!!!

Why not try this week to join a new adult education class, a new hobby, find a local menopause cafe support group meeting that you can attend to meet others in the same situation as yourself or you could volunteer for a local charity helping others.  Find time also this week to talk to others, a friend, a neighbour or a work colleague or your partner. Making that first step to how you are feeling is the first step to breaking the cycle of how you are feeling and it will help you to feel more supported if you can have a friend onside that can support you and make you feel wanted and involved.

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www.menopausecafe.net has a network of regular meet up events across the UK, if you search for events you will find your nearest available cafe, you can meet other women and talk and eat cake!

www.menopausesupport .co.uk offer’s further helpful advice and support.  #makemeneopausematter campaign.

www.menopausedoctor.co.uk Dr Louise Newson website details more menopause information and runs a menopause clinic.

www.lizearlewellbeing.com Menopause related advice and information, look out for podcasts too.

www.megsmenopause.com Megs Menopause website covers a wealth of information, advice and tips also.

http://www.open.ac.uk Sign up for that course today!

www.meetups.com Why not check out and see if there is a local meet up you in your area that you can meet others.

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This week is #LetsTalkLonelinessWeek follow on social media  for more advice and information. @marmaladetrust

Have a super week Menos, share with PeriMenoPost what you achieved this week to break the cycle of feeling lonely.

Join the conversation.

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