Glowing Skin?

The Menopause has alot to answer as it brings along a whole host of symptoms take a look at these;

● Hot Flushes

● Night Sweats

● Loss of Libido

● Vaginal Dryness

● Irregular Periods

● Anxiety

● Irritability

● Panic Attacks

● Difficulty Concentrating

● Mood Swings

● Foggy Brain

● Depression

● Fatigue

● Hair loss

● Insomnia

● Dizziness

● Weight Gain

● Bloating

● Allergies

● Brittle Nails

● Osteoporosis

● Bladder Problems

● Irregular Heartbeat

● Body Odour change

● Joint Pain

● Dental Problems

● Headaches

● Breast Pain

● Muscle tension

● Burning Mouth

● Nausea and Digestive problems

● Tingling sensations

● Dry and Itchy Skin

Were you aware of all the above symptoms? Were you aware that falling Oestrogen levels can cause dry skin? No, neither were we! Lower Oestrogen levels makes less production and repair of collagen and elastin in the dermis of skin.

This is a whole new experience for ones self and other women. I was just putting up with my symptoms and thinking that it was normal. I have always been very fortunate and lucky with my skin up until now.

This symptom crept up slowly and then took a hold, suddenly my arms and legs were covered in a white sheen. This was more than the usual “I need a holiday ” sort of skin that we all experience at this time of year, when we start to prepare our bodies for the summer weather. I now follow a daily routine of creams and ointment to keep my skin in check and healthy. My Doctor is really helpful and has given me so much support and information.

Has anyone else found that their hair, nails and body hair grows in bursts? I feel that this is another point to raise. I am sure again, that this is due to fluctuating levels of hormones at this stage of the Menopause. My trips to the Beauticians for waxing, nails and hair appointments have become pretty much sporadic which has to be an upside, which is a bonus, at last!!

● If you are having dry skin why not give some of these a try, if you are having discomfort I suggest you visit your GP for medical advice.

● Cetraben – Buy over the counter in Boots and most chemists.

● Aveeno – Buys over the counter in Boots and most chemists.

● Betnavate – You may need a prescription for this.

● Diprobase – Buy over the counter at most chemists and Boots.

Why not treat yourself to a nice beauty treatment to help your skin feel nice and soft, remember to mention if you are having dry skin problems and any other symptoms. It is important to to make yourself feel special and young again it makes you feel good!! Why not book in for a massage, a facial, a hot bath and face mask, polish your nails or a hair treatment or blow dry. This will help you to feel good about yourself and give you a healthy glow and smile.

I have attached a link from DR Louise R Newson, My Menopause Doctor who has written a fact sheet detailing the Menopause and Skin for your information. our-skin

A link to Liz Earle’s Wellbeing Magazine gives you some more advice and tips to help with dry/itchy skin during the Menopause. dal-silver-spray

Give the Salmon recipe a try too!

I intend to research and find suitable Menopause Skincare friendly products to use, so will keep you updated. Remember this week to take some time out and relax, look after your wellbeing. Easter is nearly upon us and it is important during this time of the Menopause that you take some well earned “you time” Have a great week!!

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