Family and Friends do they talk Menopause?

We would like to wish all the Mums out there who are juggling the Perimenopause or Menopause and raising a family, a very Happy Mothers Day. Make sure you get spoilt rotten!!

Have you found support from your partner, family and friends during the stages of Perimenopause and Menopause? Did your Mother, Grandmother, talk to you of the Menopause openly and honestly?

Are you aware of the symptoms and how your Mother managed her Menopause?

I have a feeling that the answer could be no? Not much at all?

All we were taught at school during the 1980’s for Sex education was about puberty and periods. I do not recall much at all regarding the

Menopause, we were told that periods just stop. Period, pardon the pun!

We all think that the Menopause seriously won’t happen to us until we are much older, and it has been firmly forgotten about and not on the horizon at all. I am convinced that, this thought of mind is because there is no awareness about the Menopause and it is not spoken about openly and honestly. So it’s no real surprise for women of our generation when it arrives, it can derail you when it strikes! If your aware of what symptoms to expect and have some knowledge of how to treat this stage it would help the transition to possibly be more smoother.

It is so important, more than ever that you talk this through with your partner, family and colleagues at work how you are feeling and what you are going through. The more that people are aware of the

Menopause and how to support women at this time the better it makes for the lives of women. Changes can be made for example at work with flexible working, breaks, support from your manager if they have Menopause training and use of the Menopause in the workplace guidelines.

At home if you can talk and share how you are feeling so that everyone is aware of what you are going through, this will help you feel better and supported through the Menopause. It is important to get help from your Doctor to support you with your symptoms, with treatment if needed with HRT or alternative treatments.

This Mothers Day make sure you tell your family if you are struggling with the Menopause and ask for help and support from them, it can be just a hug, listening to you, helping you to overcome stressful situations and maybe help you have some fun.

The most important thing that we must do as Mothers is to tell our Daughters all about our Perimenopause and Menopause. Talk openly and honestly so that we can help our Daughters to know what to expect in the future with hormones and Menopause, to give them as much support and knowledge as they need.

Rachel Maclean MP and Diane Danzebrink a Menopause Nurse Specialist and Menopause Campaigner, are campaigning to raise the awareness of the Menopause. There is hope that the Schools

National Curriculum will include the menopause in sex education for children to gain knowledge. Sign the campaign at #makemenopausematter 16K people have already signed their support, help to support this campaign and make a difference to womens lives for current and future generations.

Have a great week and keep talking menopause!!

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