Trial and error – have you tweaked your HRT?

HRT is a real game changer for women when it comes to menopause. 

It definitely helped me to regain my zest for life and gave me a new sense of energy which was much needed.

I feel HRT is somewhat like the menopause, everybody is different and the choice of HRT is varied.  One woman’s menopause is a breeze whilst for another it can be debilitating and affects their quality of life.  Some women are unfortunate that they cannot use HRT for medical reasons, this must be very tough for those women.  They deserve a medal! Let’s hope that there is a breakthrough for those women.

When it comes to HRT, it’s similar in that what regime works for one person does not work for the next woman so to speak.  Have you noticed that you have had to keep tweaking your regime? It becomes an ongoing process of trial and error to keep the level of hormones at the required level.

How do you know when it is working? Personally, energy was the biggest change for me, it returned!!!! My hair, nails  and overall wellbeing improved for the better. So when it stops working, the symptoms can return;

  • Waking at night
  • Hot flush’s return
  • Anxiousness and irritability reappears
  • Bloating/weight gain
  • Mood changes – low, weepy
  • The dreaded tiredness and achy joints
  • Brainfog – the forgetfulness presents itself again

This can become frustrating as you begin to learn how to manage your treatment and then adjust to feeling better, when it returns it can set you back.  It is important you establish a good relationship with your Gp or specialist to ensure that you work together to create a regime that is going to help you.

Try keeping  a diary or a symptom chart to help you to keep a track of your symptoms. When you visit your Doctor this will help you to keep a record to show them and form a discussion prompt to help you gain the correct course of treatment.   Also, this will help you too, for those days if you are feeling not quite yourself or our friend brain fog sets in, you will then see a pattern emerging that may be related to your hormones and HRT. 

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Menopause Symptom Chart

Date ↓              Tick ↓ Duration↓


























If you manage your menopause naturally, do you notice that you have a need to change certain elements to your regime? Have you tried alternative remedies to help manage alongside HRT or natural treatment for menopause?

  • Accupuncture
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
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This weeks Real life 60 seconds meno is Hazel Hayden

This weeks Real life 60 seconds guest is Hazel Hayden.  Hazel runs the Bristol Menopause and Well Woman Clinic, she is one incredible passionate lady who specialises in womens health and genuinely wants no woman to suffer from the symptoms that menopause may bring.  Read Hazels interview – a real life #MenoWarrior

When I was peri-menopausal,  I kept having mood swings and feeling low but I couldn’t understand why. I had a lovely husband, 2 gorgeous boys and a job I loved but every month I had a week of absolute torture. A colleague at work who had been through it herself suggested I needed HRT.   I duly trotted off to my GP, who was a menopause expert, I was prescribed citalopram. Needless to say being a Nurse, I knew that this treatment would not work. I knew that if I started citalopram, I might never have come off them.

I still felt no better and was persistently going to my GP with different minor illnesses.  These were treated individually, so I resorted to natural remedies, some helped a bit, some did nothing and were expensive. I decided to pay  privately for treatment, after looking at the Menopause Matters website. A site of which 7 years ago was the only source of good menopause information.

I started HRT ( a combination that is routinely prescribed now but new then!!). Since then I have been on and off it a few times as I was experiencing problems with bleeding at times.  I persevered and with some trial and error, I am now on a good combination that works for me. I continue to take Magnesium supplements, a probiotic, Co-enzyme Q10 and not forgetting Vitamin D with calcium. 

Although my menopause clinic is a private clinic, I have strive to keep it as affordable as possible.    I am aware of how hard it can be financially and as women, we always seem to put ourselves last.

I have undertaken extra training in Nutrition as well as the British Menopause Society specialist training.

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PeriMenoPost 60 Second interview with real life #Menowarriors

1) Best Part of menopause?

My confidence once I started HRT.

2) Tell us your best #Menomoment?

Starting my own business.

3) What has been the worst part of your menopause?

Anxiety and low mood.

4) Have you taken the NHS or Private Health route to treat your menopause?

I did a combination of both NHS initally but was contantly offered anti-depressants so I decided to seek private health treatment for HRT, I now receive my treatment from NHS.

5) Have you been supported within your workplace?

I was not able to adjust the my working hours at my workplace so hence I have now set up my own business.

6) HRT or natural/alternative treatment for Menopause?

I use a combination of HRT and natural alternatives.  At times I have used natural/alternative treatment alone but have often found that they help, but not as much as HRT works.

7) What advice would you give to a younger you prior to Perimenopause and Menopause?

To start exercising and eating healthy earlier as this will help to prepare you for the onslaught of peri-menopause and menopause.  This is something, that I never realised before it started happening to me.

8) Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Running my business which helps women to navigate and achieve the best for themselves and how they feel.  I enjoy travelling lots with my husband.

9) Who would you like to give a shout out – mention too? Who has been supportive and instrumental in helping you through menopause?

I would like to give a shout out to my husband, Tim.  Menopause Matters – my bible in the early years. My Menopause Doctor and the Portishead chiropractic clinic.

10)Who is your favourite #Menowarrior? Dr Heather Currie,  the Pausivity girls and Dr Louise Newson.

A big thankyou to Hazel Hayden for her interview, it is fantastic that Hazel is helping other women to find their way through the menopause. You can contact Hazel at the website – or @Hazelhayden -Twitter

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Yesterday marked #WorldMentalHealthDay2019 Menopause can bring with along 34 symptoms! amongst those Low mood, anxiety, low self esteem and depression can happen at a time when you are going through a big change to your body.  If you are finding the menopause too much and hard to cope, find someone that you can talk to. Could be a friend, a colleague, a family member or your Gp. Be brave and take that step to ask for help, there will always be someone there to listen to you and give you support.  Below are some links for you to contact if you feel you would need supporting.

Don’t suffer in silence, be kind to yourselves.  Make that call today.

Have a great week Menos, keep smiling and talking to one another.

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