Being Mindful with diet can help to manage menopause symptoms. Can CBD Oil help with hangover?

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Posted inUncategorizedEditBeing Mindful with diet can help to manage menopause symptoms. Can CBD Oil help with hangover?

Have you found yourself saying no to certain foods and alcohol? Join the club!

Have you noticed when you have had that takeaway, that seemed inviting at the time but then disagrees with you during the early hours of the morning? A night of disturbed sleep and feeling awful the next morning? Ringing any bells yet?

Let’s add alcohol to the mix too, those glasses of wine that again seemed a really good idea at the time but then you find yourself wide awake from 2am and cannot get back to sleep, does any of this sound familiar?

During the day has your appetite fluctuated? Suddenly you can be ravenously hungry and then not the next? Then you find it’s all too easy to fall into bad snacking habits. This all happened to me, at a time when I had no idea that I was Perimenopausal. I could not understand what was happening to me if I am honest.

Once you know that it is your hormones that are affecting you in this way, it seems to be easier to manage. I have had to change my diet habits and so far it has worked for me. I make better choices now when it comes to food at home and ordering food whilst out. Now and again the odd takeaway, then I will order something light to eat. I am not perfect 100% of the time, but then who is? I just try to be more careful and manage what I can and cannot eat. I definitely feel so much better for eating more carefully now. During this change when your body is going through such a lot of transition it is so important that your body is in good shape and why not? Eating healthy is much better for us and we want to enjoy our next stage! Right?

Personally, I have found that a varied diet of eating lean meat, fish with fresh vegetables and salads with small amounts of pasta or carbohydrates works best for me. Red meat only once a week, alcohol limiting to just the weekend, the odd 1 or 2 glasses of wine or a cheeky G&T.

Immune Boosting Juice
1 Carrot
1/2 Beetroot
1/2 Lemon – Juice
1/4 of Ginger
1/2 pineapple
1/2 orange – juice
1tbsp – Manuka Honey

Prepare all ingredients
Pop into Juicer/blender
Whizz and go!

For more helpful advice on Healthy Menopause Eating click on Liz Earle’s link below

Will definitely give this loaf recipe a try. Looks delicious! What about you?

More Healthy Menopause advice from Dr Marilyn Glenville. Click on the link below:


Can CBD help with a hangover?

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Over the festive session the chance of having one to many drinks can increase, and this year will be no exception. We may not be going out, but I, like many do enjoy a drink in the comfort of my own home, and we all know that home measures can often be more generous than the ones in the pub, well, I know mine are. 

Okay, so you have indulged just a little bit too much, you wake in the morning with beer fear, your mouth is as dry as the Sahara Desert, you have a banging headache, you feel sick, and to top it all off, your anxiety is peaking.

We all have our tried and trusted methods to help combat the inevitable hangover from hell, my own personal remedies include a pint of electrolytes, a load of carbs, and shot of CBD.  Since using CBD as part of my recovery, I have found that my hangover improves much quicker, so it got me thinking and then researching. Can CBD help with hangover symptoms?

Can CBD help with your Headaches?

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A headache from too much alcohol can range from a dull ache to a vice like grip, and dehydration is usually one of the main reasons for your headache. Your body is working overtime to flush out the alcohol and this usually leaves you chronically dehydrated. I think everyone knows that feeling of reaching for a glass of water in the morning after a few drinks the night before, but, did you know, that by adding in a few drops of  water soluble CBD to your drink, it might just provide the perfect combination to rehydrate and help ease that nagging headache.

Many studies have shown the positive effect of CBD on headaches or migraines, this is due to the anti-inflammatory properties, which is useful in helping reduce any kind of pain including head pain, often associated with hangover headaches.  If you would like to read, click the link >> can CBD help migraine and headaches?

Can CBD help with Nausea?

500mg CBD, 1000mg CBD, 2000 mg CBD, tincture bottles. natural golden full spectrum CBD from Leaf Organics
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When you consume alcohol, enzymes in your liver break down the alcohol into acetaldehyde, if these levels become too high, your liver will be unable to cope, and can react by making you sick. Alcohol can also irritate the stomach wall causing inflammation which can often making you feel nauseous.

In studies CBD has shown to help relive nausea and help reduce inflation which is why it may help your hangover.

Peppermint is well documented in helping settle an upset tummy and our Peppermint CBD oil tincture would be perfect to help easy nausea.

CBD and Anxiety

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Have you experienced beer fear? Not just the ‘what did I do last night’ fear but the increase in anxiety the day after a few drinks?

There have been many studies that show strong evidence that CBD can help in the treatment of anxiety disorders, including social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (O.C.D), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (P.T.S.D).  Read full article here>> CBD to help anxiety

Taking CBD can help with your anxiety after drink, it really could make it a valuable hangover remedy.


I am not suggesting that CBD is the solution to end all hangovers (I wish it was), but it may provide a helping hand in reducing some of the symptoms often associated with a hangover and the speed in which you feel better.

Continue to drink plenty of water, eat nutritious food, and taking a few drops of CBD may just do the trick. So, if this Christmas you overindulge a little, maybe think about adding some CBD to your hangover cure toolbox.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

If you are interested in any of our CBD products

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Karen Lingard is a PeriMenoPost follower.

Karen would like to share her story with you to help other women by talking about the words “perimenopause and menopause”

Karen Lingard

Karens real life menopause journey, told by Karen, herself.

My journey began a couple of years ago, I started to put on some weight and was then not able to lose it. I noticed I was sweating more, than the usual. I never thought this had anything to do with menopause, I still felt far too young.  I am 51 years old now, I feel that this age is a blessing. I began to hide my age and I didn’t really want to admit to getting older. Last year I started to feel that something was not right, upon the left side of my tummy, a slight swelling appeared. I was also experiencing really bad acid reflux which was making me feel quite nauseous a lot of the time.

I was always tired, with no energy. I knew something was wrong but didn’t know what it could be. I kept visiting my Doctor but they insisted it was acid reflux. A blood test revealed that I was anaemic due to the heavy periods I had endured. Having had a colonoscopy and endoscopy, I still felt unwell. My lower back and my joints were burning and were very painful, my Doctor sent me to have x rays and ct scans, just to be sure that there was nothing sinister happening. During this point, I became quite anxious I became convinced that it was something sinister as I knew my own body. I was given anxiety tablets from my doctor. I had never experienced anxiety before, I had never suffered with stress. I just knew there was something more. 

I could not eat fatty foods, this would make me feel sick, my joints became painful and with a burning sensation. It was affecting my quality of life, work and my family life. I decided to pay privately for more scans and tests. My results showed that I was suffering from endometriosis and that I was in fact perimenopausal. Once treated for endometriosis, I began my own research of how to manage perimenopause. After reading Meg Matthews website, it seemed to mirror my own personal experience. During those four months, I had a feeling that I was going mad. I laugh now with friends about my A&E trips as I genuinely believed something was seriously wrong with me. I’m usually a rational person, but it seemed to take over my life. I manage my symptoms with taking regular vitamins to help, such as 3000mg of evening primrose per day, magnesium, cod liver oil, vitamins, vitamin D and calcium. Eating a healthy diet helps, ensuring that I eat all the right foods. I manage my symptoms with plenty of regular exercise and looking after my health and well being.  

A big thank you to Karen Lingard, for sharing her personal journey of endometriosis and perimenopause. We can relate with Karen’s story with many doctor trips, A&E and interestingly diet too was a factor. If you are experiencing symptoms, NICE guidelines online gives a guide on menopause to help you.

PeriMenoPost will now be featuring every week within our blog a real life interview with one of our cherished followers. A bit of fun, embracing and accepting a positive attitude towards menopause and spreading the word that it’s ok and normal to discuss menopause.


Karen Lingard

PeriMenoPost 60 Second interview with real life

#Menowarriors – Karen Lingard

1) Best Part of menopause?

Able to understand, talk and accept my coming to terms with menopause.

2) Tell us your best #Menomoment?

My funniest #Menomoment, upon reflection and which I now laugh about has to be the trips to A&E .  Friends joke, telling me that I am barred from A&E!

3) What has been the worst part of your menopause?

The bloating and change to my body.

4) Have you taken the NHS or Private Health route to treat your menopause?

Initially self funding privately, I am now treated within NHS.

5) Have you been supported within your workplace?


6) HRT or natural/alternative treatment for Menopause?


7) What advice would you give to a younger you, prior to Perimenopause and Menopause?

Information and awareness would have helped me during this time, as I felt I was in the dark.

8) Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Same, I’m now in a much happier, healthier place.

9) Who would you like to give a shout out – a mention too? Who has been supportive and instrumental in helping you through menopause?

Finding Meg Matthews website, – I stumbled upon her Instagram page. Bupa healthcare were very helpful.

10)Who is your favourite #Menowarrior?

Meg Matthews 

Created by PeriMenoPost

If you would like to be interviewed for our weekly real life Meno 60 second interview,

contact –

@perimenopostenoPost -Twitter

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Wear a face mask – Wash your hands – Keep the 2M distance Stay safe Menos!

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