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SPN combines fitness, wellness and the power of community to help people feel connected and live happy, healthy lives. In our multi-floor boutique fitness studio located in Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells, we offer a range of high energy classes including indoor cycling, Pilates, barre, boxing, TRX, dance, aerial and yoga, delivered by an award winning team of instructors. You can attend any class at any level. You work at your own pace and as a group we motivate each other. Nobody gets left behind.

Our new digital fitness and wellness platform, SPN+ brings the studio to your home. Our subscription platform enables our subscribers to experience live and on demand classes in 10+ disciplines including Power Boxing, Barre, Pilates, Kids fitness, Meditation and Breathing, Yoga & Spin. Wherever they are and whenever they want. Providing complete flexibility, we offer a pay per class system or you can choose to pay a monthly investment of £24 to get unlimited access to 100+ classes with new content added weekly. Upon registering you start with a free 7 day trial with the option to cancel at any time.



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