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About Secret Whispers

Julie, a busy mum to two young very active gorgeous sons, wife to an amazing patient husband and a health and fitness enthusiast. Julie, founded Secret Whispers® after she found that were no adequate products available to help her improve her pelvic floor and a lack of information available. 

She was horrified to learn that women are led to believe it is ‘normal’ to cross
their legs when they laugh or sneeze. That urine incontinence after childbirth is almost expected is challenging the message of multi-national companies,
profiting from the sale of incontinence pads, that bladder weakness is normal.

Armed with a simple message that, in many cases female incontinence can be avoided, and with her multi award-winning 6 Step Kegel Kit, in just over 2 years she have helped thousands of women stop leaks and strengthen their pelvic floor.

Her mission is to dramatically reduce the current statistics of 50% of women who suffer with incontinence with providing education and support on the importance of Kegel exercises.

This becomes a significant issue after women give birth, but actually it can
effect girls and women of all ages, and boys and men too. Issues around
incontinence remain a taboo subject, meaning when it happens to you, you feel utterly humiliated. But simple strengthening exercises mean it’s also utterly avoidable.

The impact for women who suffer with weak pelvic floor conditions is heart-
breaking yet also avoidable. Over nine million women in the UK suffer urinary
incontinence, but only a small minority seek help. Too embarrassed to see a
doctor, the rest are condemned to a life of low self-esteem, lack of confidence and usage of pads, not to mention giving up on sports and social activities for fear of wetting themselves.

Her success and recognition has shown just how important this taboo subject is and that others are delighted to see her tackling this. The response has been phenomenal.

Secret Whispers® is a womens’ healthcare company and has been named as a top 100 trail-blazing small businesses in UK winner and was invited to the
House of Lords!

Julie has received many awards, including the Janey Loves Platinum Awards,
for Feminine Care, where her Kegel Kit was judged by some amazing women, including Zoe Ball, Carrie Grant and Glynis Barber.
She also received a Highly Commended award in the IoD (Institute of Directors) Awards – Start up Director, was a finalist in the Woman Who Solo
(products)awards and a commendation in the Internationally award. The
regional winner in the Forward Ladies award for Start-Up Business. Won the
Niche awards for Innovation in Business, won the Women in Business awards
for Sole Trader of the Year and continually wins the Amazon’s Choice badge for Kegel Exerciser…

In January Secret Whispers was mentioned on the Chris Evan’s Virgin Radio
Show when newsreader Rachel Horne announced, live on air, that she’s using
the Secret Whispers Kegel Kit and said that she’d had her first leak free run in years!

Last year at the Woman Who awards ceremony, Julie said to her husband that she wanted one day to be up on stage as a speaker. Sandra asked her if she would like to be a keynote speaker at this years awards and she jumped at the opportunity and cannot wait to tell her story.

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