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Michelle Zelli

A dysfunctional childhood led to a colourful adulthood as Michelle rolled from one intense drama to another. Using her past adversity to propel her forward, by the age of 35 she had achieved significant career success within SME and Blue Chip Director roles, ending her corporate journey as Managing Director of the UK’s largest independent TV Post Production House.

Meeting her real father for the first time at 41 was the catalyst for a breakdown and a three-week stint in The Priory, prompting a long overdue review of her life. Disillusioned with therapy, she travelled the globe seeking out the best of the best to absorb a deep understanding of human mastery. Having put her own life on track, she soon became the go-to Coach for people serious about change. Her signature tag is ‘turning adversity into advantage’, specialising in trauma, love addiction and dynamic coaching designed specially to help people change unhelpful patterns. With Michelle’s expert guidance you can expect immediate results and also to have fun committing to your own self mastery, connecting with your inner power and higher self.

With legendary boardroom grit and spiritual grace, Michelle has over 40,000 hours coaching experience, an enviable portfolio of global clients and a passion for delivery, packed with a punch. Expect wisdom, laughter and a few tears when you join her live coaching, you won’t be the same person who arrived!

Whether it’s business, emotional, spiritual or meta physical, Michelle will blow you away with her depth of knowledge and laser intuition. Experience for yourself, bring your questions and life dilemmas for deep insight and staggeringly fast change.

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