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Leaf Organics Ltd was created by our founder Michelle Kehoe. After working in the UK CBD industry for a number of years, Michelle became passionate about the powerful benefits of CBD and wanted to bring to the market an honest range of quality products that would make a difference to those who needed it.

Michelle’s interest in CBD was elevated when she turned to the organic product for her own personal wellbeing. Over the last few years Michelle has invested a great deal of time researching the science behind CBD and has gained a real understanding of how it positively interacts with the body and the mind, this has helped create the Leaf Organics range of premium CBD products.

We source our raw CBD oil from the USA, producing a rich golden oil that has been allowed to grow in the best possible conditions. If you want a comparison, think of wine production.

We only use the best raw ingredients in all our tincture oil, skin and bath products to ensure they offer the best absorption of CBD. If you want further information about any of our CBD products you can contact us on our website or call on 0161 519 5557.

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