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My name is Kelly, I am 49 years old and the founder of BP3 Underwear. I am married to Paul and we have 6 children.

I have struggled with incontinence since the birth of my eldest son 20 years ago, I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago and then started the menopause not long after that. I have always done my pelvic floor exercises, I have seen a specialist, had my bladder lifted.

I do yoga & pilates and am constantly working on strengthening my core but unfortunately I still find that I leak when I sneeze or over stretch and I have to really plan days out because of the fear of not getting to a toilet in time. (Covid has made this fear an even bigger worry!)

I really enjoy working out and keeping fit, and belong to a local hockey club. Annoyingly though, every time I scored a goal or stretched for a ball I would leak. I really didn’t want to use traditional sanitary products, as I have always been conscious of the effect on the environment and the washable knickers that were already on the market were frumpy and seemed to be more for much older ladies. So I decided to make my own pair – and they worked! I then had other women on the team asking about them (because we are all older women and in the same boat) and I thought, this is actually a pretty good idea. It took me 2 years of designing, finding materials and a manufacturer and I finally launched BP3 (Be Pee Free) last year. My knickers have 4 layers of absorbent, discreet gusset and have a scalloped edge for absolutely no VPL.

I’ve had an incredible response from women, I won Editors Choice 2020 for Underwear in Women’s Running Magazine and I have since launched 3 more styles and I have a further one in production. Women use the knickers for periods as well as incontinence, menopausal women love them because they look just like your normal knickers (but maybe even more stylish!), so can be worn every day to protect you from unpredictable periods. They have even been described as “a cushion for your lady bits”!

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