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PeriMenoPost is an award-winning LIVE Grassroots campaign, raising awareness for all stages of menopause. We are a digital online platform and community, providing women with easy access to current and relevant information for perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause. An inclusive space for women to feel supported, and be a part of the huge hormonal highway journey within the permenopost tribe.

Women of the current Generation X, born between 1965 and 1980, are set to continue working through menopausal age. With the current UK retirement at sixty-six, women need support, information and management through this stage of their lives to continue their career, independence, social mobility and most importantly their self esteem.

By the year 2025 one billion women will be experiencing menopause across the world, with Generation X making up the 12% of the global population. 60% of women who experience menopause symptoms report a lower productivity rate, and so employers and organisations need to lead the way: implementing workplace menopause policies ensure support and wellbeing for all employees. Menopause affects us all; conversations create awareness, and knowledge leads to change!

Our Founder

Lorna Ive

PeriMenoPost is a vision born out of personal experience to help and support women going through early menopause, perimenopause, menopause and post menopause. Wife, mum, and fairy pugmother to three rescue pugs, Lorna is passionate about helping women in midlife to upskill and retrain, to feel empowered and take ownership of this stage of their lives. Lorna is a specialist in women’s health and wellbeing, alongside being an avid Femtech advocator.

Pulling from her own experiences of early menopause, Lorna took what she had learned as a Digital Mums Graduate and Generation X Changemaker in order to lead her own brand vision PeriMenoPost. After winning the #SBS, awarded by Dragons’ Den’s Theo Paphitis, Lorna is looking forward to growing rhe business further in 2021, helping women globally to feel empowered and strong about their menopause journey.

Outside of PeriMenoPost, Lorna is a spin fan and Barre/Pilates instructor. She also took part in Miss Great Britain 2020, as a finalist for the first ever Ms Great Britain. A role model to menopausal women, Lorna strives to advocate that midlife is for taking every opportunity, having fun and owning it!

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Menopause should not be a postcode lottery system with the NHS healthcare, neither should it be a taboo or ignored. Click on the banner to sign our petition.


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